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Handy Chuck Pin Vise Holds small files, drills, reamers, taps, mold polishing stones, wires, countersinks, etc.
Handle 1 Non-telescopic handle, excellent for heavy-duty deburring tasks. All E series blades fit directly into handle.
Handle A (Aluminum) Classic universal handle heavy-duy aluminum version. Accepts all Shaviv blade holders.
Classic Handle A The classic universal handle. Accepts all Shaviv blade holders. To store spares blades inside handle, simply unscrew the back cap.
MANGO CLICK Extra Close Works with all E blades. EAsy to use, confortable and durable. Best suited for larger-sizzed hands.
MANGO II BE Extra Close Permenent safety locks for simple blade replacement. Comfortable, ergonomic handle for standard - sized hands.
MANGO II Long-Reach Simple holder mechanism. Comfortable, ergonimic handle for standard- sized hands.
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