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Two Post Lifts ATS ELGI Mechanical Hoist for 4 Wheelers raises vehicles to any comfortable working height up to 5.75 feet, leaving head room for complete under-chassis access.
Car Washer ATS ELGI Offers Single and Triple Plunger type pumps with Single/Twin Guns with hose either on an integral tank or a sturdy base frame.
Tyre Inflator-Nitrogen Nitrogen also inhibits change in pressure while riding on a bumpy road. Filling your tyres with nitrogen allows you to check your tyre pressure once in three months and not every time you refuel.
Tyre Changer Automatic ATS ELGI Automatic tyre changer adopts a fast and trouble – free method to service high performance alloy wheels.
Wheel Aligner The Focus 8 Sensor BT2 is equipped with 8 CCD sensors and BT2 communication to offer you fast and accurate alignment readings.
Auto Car Washer With the automatic car washer ATS ELGI brings a new revolution in car washing in India.
Handy Chuck Pin Vise Holds small files, drills, reamers, taps, mold polishing stones, wires, countersinks, etc.
Handle 1 Non-telescopic handle, excellent for heavy-duty deburring tasks. All E series blades fit directly into handle.
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